Beginner grammar 15
Connectors and sequencers


or, and, but, then, because, after, before, after that
Complete these sentences with one of the following connectors and sequencers.
(Completa las siguientes oraciones con una de las siguientes conjunciones y conectores de secuencia.)
1. I want a hamburger fries, please.
2. I like pizza I don't like hotdogs.
3. We always have a take-away on Saturday at 7 o'clock we watch the 8 o'clock film on TV.
4. He is very fat he eats fish and chips every day.
5. Do you want to get a take away eat out tonight?
6. lunch I always sleep for half an hour.
7. Do you want a hamburger a kebab?
8. Sometimes I like to eat junk (basura) food I feel guilty.
9. In winter I always have a hot drink I go to bed.
10. For breakfast I usually have a bowl of cereal. I make myself a flask (termo) of coffee to bring (traer) to work.